It's very easy to add your Skriv events (project steps you need to complete for all the organizations you belong to) in your usual calendar software.

1. Get the Skriv Calendar link

Click on your avatar icon, at the top left of the screen, and click on the link "Calendar and API" in the menu on the right:

You will get a link that you can copy by clicking on the "Copy" button:

It is this link that you will paste in your calendar software, which will fetch it to retrieve the information to display.

2. Add the subscription in your calendar software

MS Outlook

Please go to the official Microsoft documentation.
Be careful to follow the procedure to subscribe to a calendar, and not to import it.

Google Agenda

In Google Calendar, click the "+" button above the list of your calendars, then choose "From URL":

In the "URL of calendar" field, paste the link that you had retrieved into Skriv:

Then click on the "Add calendar" button. This will create a new calendar in the "Other Calendars" list.

Apple Calendar

Please go to the official Apple documentation.

Mozilla Thunderbird

We invite you to read the Mozilla documentation that explains how to subscribe to a Google Calendar. Note that read-only subscription is available, it is not possible to have read-write access to a Skriv calendar.