In order to create a project, select the organization where you want to create it (by clicking on it's name on the application's homepage).

Then, you'll see a “+” icon on the top-right corner of the page:

Click on it to load the project creation page.

There is four parts in this page: General, Deadline, Steps and Stakeholders.


You can fill the given fields:

  1. The project's name (mandatory).
  2. The project's template.
  3. The project's value (expressd in the configured unit).
  4. The project's description (text editor with WYSIWYG capabilities).
  5. The attached files.


There you can choose the project's deadline. It could be chosen from a milestone or from a given date.


You can see the list of all the steps defined for the organization.

For each step, you can define:

  • If it is mandatory or not.
  • The step's deadline.
  • Who have to work on the step; it could be a specific user or a role (roles are recommended).
  • Who have to validate the step; it could be a specific user or a role.

By default, all steps are activated and are mandatory. If you chose a template, the steps are activated/disabled depending on the template's setup.

If you chose a template and defined a deadline, Skriv compute the step deadlines.


You can add people as stakeholders on the project; you can set their roles or let the as “Observer” if they don't have a specific role.

Roles are used to assign the project at the right person at the right time.